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Jamie Noble Frier at Dragonmeet Games convention



Artist, board game designer and publisher Jamie Noble Frier (The Noble Artist) founded the business after almost a decade of selling unique greetings cards aimed at making those in his hobby groups smile and feel special. 

Being both a fantasy aficionado and a board game and RPG player, Jamie noticed how powerful it is to receive a thoughtful message with a theme you love. Nothing shows "I listen" than sending a message tailored perfectly to the recipient. Jamie Noble Frier is also known as The Noble Artist and has provided artwork for many board games, books and video games during his career including his own published game, Hero Master: An Epic Game of Epic Fails.



To give a more tailored, better range of greetings cards and gifts for hobby gamers, RPG players and fantasy and sci-f geeks looking to celebrate birthdays and other occasions. We want the person you're spoiling to feel like you've made an extra special effort to give them something they'll really love.



Above all else we value top quality products with a unique edge. We're in the business of making people feel special. We want to help you make someone feel really special, and that's how also we want you to feel when you're giving your unique greetings cards and gifts to that special geek in your life.