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The Big Dice Sale!

Posted by Jamie Noble Frier on

Lucky dice for lucky people

This week we're focused on dice... Because who doesn't need a bit of luck at the moment?

It's called the big dice sale, because there's quite a few to choose from, they're not like... massive dice. They're standard 20mm dice. Let's not get silly.

There's a flash sale on our polyhedral dice sets. In each set you get seven dice, a D20, a D12, a D100, A D10, A D8, a D6 and a D4. Word of advice, don't step on the D4... it's an ancient torture techinique the Egyptians used to use with small replicas of their pyramids.

Blue marbled polyhedral dice gift set

Our dice sets are perfect for giving D&D night a little more pizzazz! So if you want to up your own game, or just treat your geek to a geeky gift check out our range. We've even given them kick ass names to make them feel a little more magical. 

Our marbled polyhedral dice are in all sorts of colours to represent your character... good or evil... or somewhere in between (fence sitter!).

We've even got metal dice if you're a robot. They're on sale too!

Sale ending soon!

Make the most of the sale, it's only on for a few more days! Make your Dungeon Master happy, and stop stealing their dice when you can't find yours!

Take me to the dice!