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Launch Day

Posted by Jamie Noble Frier on


Who or what is Geekings Cards?!

Hi all! Jamie here from Geekings Cards, some of you may know me from The Noble Artist where I have been designing artwork for board games professionally for a decade. Some of you may also know I've been making and selling greetings cards and gifts aimed at gamers and geeks for almost as long as I've been working in the industry. 

At Geekings Cards HQ (currently a spare room as our house is being renovated (during post lockdown craziness), I've been working like crazy to build this new site to make this a real business. I'm so pleased to get this up and running, it was actually one of my new year's resolutions (and when do they ever happen?!). 

Each of my cards has been a labour of love, I hope you like them. You'll also find cool game related gifts like dice, coins, fantasy wall art prints and some board games too. I'm particularly proud of this! Not only does my own game, Hero Master: An Epic Game of Game of Epic Fails reside on these hallowed web pages... but I am pleased to announce a partnership with Thundergryph Games who will be supplying some of their great gift price point board games to sell here such as Hats, Rolling Ranch and Spirits of the Forest.

Why Geekings Cards?

I wonder how many of you, like me get stuck looking for gifts and cards for people, I get analysis paralysis and it takes me an eternity! I felt like when I give up and get something it's generic and boring, and as much as I try to spin it I feel like I've shot and missed. And I LOVE giving gifts and cards, so it's always such a let down.

So... I wanted to fix it. I began making quirky cards with humour that my fellow geeks would really get a kick out of, I tried out a few ranges and they began to work, and now I have almost 100 product lines on the website.

I've aimed my various cards at different themes directly and indirectly related to tabletop games. There's a lot of parody of dungeons and dragons and RPG based jokes, as well as meeple inspired cards and other fantasy humour, and I've also made some lines of some of my more popular fantasy artwork.

How Geekings Cards? 

... I'm not sure that question makes sense... but this site is hosted by Shopify, one of the safest shopping platforms around. It allows for awesome flexibility and I'd recommend it to everybody! I might even start a few blogs talking about what I like about it. It''s got great features and apps to make like easier!

If Geekings Cards?

... now you're just being silly.

Wait... there's a sale?

That's right! To celebrate Launch Weekend, we've added a buy two get one free on all cards on the site. Just use "LAUNCHWEEKEND" as a voucher code at check out. There are also board games that have been discounted this weekend, and some even have free shipping!

Thanks for checking in, I'm really pleased to have you all on board (no pun intended with me as I take this new journey into E-Commerce! 

Keep smiling!

Jamie, Geekings Cards