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Hero Master Expansion now on sale!

Posted by Jamie Noble Frier on

More Mayhem! More Idiocy!

The follow up expansion to Hero Master: An Epic Game of Epic Fails is now on sale! Adding more monsters, quests, locations, equipment and heroes to the dysfunctional dungeon crawler!

The Snoozehaven Treasure Chest is £5 off and still includes FREE SHIPPING to US/EU/UK.

board game expansion with free shipping

Continue your quest as the worst heroes in the land!

In the board game Hero Master: An Epic Game of Epic Fails you were able to play as some classic characters from dungeons and dragons lore including barbarians and wizards, dwarves elves and halflings! 

With the Snoozehaven Treasure Chest you'll be adding some new classics and some monstrous new races to play as: Dood the half-hearted Half Elf, Slybogey the megalomaniac Goblin, Bulge the Ogre who’s all muscle and no hustle, and Uglug the heavy-handed Half Orc.